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Susan Sarandon

Shawnee Badger

We need young people represented in the government NOW, including as judges! Hear the leader of Our Revolution, Santa Clarita Valley give some compelling reasons why she supports Myanna Dellinger for Judge.

Sebastian Cazares

The law has always been about how to do things better for those coming after us! I’m proud to have been supported and endorsed by new and upcoming voices such as Shawnee Badger and Sebastian Cazares as well as numerous more established clubs such as large Democratic and progressive clubs, the Sunrise Movement LA, and others.

"A confident and forward-looking nation is built by confident and forward-looking young people.” -- Ram Nath Kovind (President of India).

As a judge, I will balance all interests carefully under the law. As much as possible, I try to improve society just a grain for young folks, who so inspire me. This is not about us "old farts” It’s about young folks. Let’s help them have what we had.

Myanna's Videos

Hear Myanna Dellinger in her own words about the issues of the day and why she would be a fantastic addition to the Los Angeles County Superior Court.


I am very qualified for this position and am the "outside" candidate, which is good! I have a razor-sharp legal mind - I graduated as #1 of my law school class of 181 students. I was trained by excellent federal and state level appellate and trial judges, gaining crucial behind-the-scenes experience of running a court room. I am a top 10% scholar on a prestigious network called SSRN, with over 100 cites to my work. I am adept at handling large groups of people with my years of experience teaching law and English to over a thousand students for over 20 years. I am quick on my feet, know when to speed things up and when to slow things down.


What kind of values do you want in a judge? I'm calm, honest, respectful of all, and in control of my audience at all times.

Climate change

Climate change kills! We have less than a decade to solve it. Climate cases and regulations come before judges too.


Racism permeates society, causing devastating effects for us all. Myanna is endorsed by Maxine Waters for a reason!

Gender-based rights

We have come a long way for women's rights in the workplace, reproductive rights, and LGBT rights. Let's not roll that back decades! The right judges matter - in 2020, vote for progress and normalcy!


I am an immigrant myself. I'm the most qualified candidate for this office and am seeing much push-back from "the Establishment." Vote for me to get our voices heard!

Police brutality

LA County, 20 years: Almost 900 incidents of police brutality.  Only 1 - one! - prosecuted.  Prosecutors work closely with the police. Many become judges. I'm running against yet another DA  supported by law enforcement.  Need I say more? I'm the neutral, outside candidate. Vote for me for quality change!

Criminal Justice Reform

The criminal justice system has been in the spotlight. Judges of course play a key role in this. Vote for Myanna - she is not beholden to any special interests. She is the courageous "outside" candidate - that's a plus!

Education & health

The best judges are law professors! Presidents pick us for office for a reason - you can vote one in by voting for me! I'm the "outside" candidate. Hear my thoughts on health and education.

Police in Schools



Entiendo los diferentes puntos de vista y experiencias.

Entiendo los diferentes puntos de vista y experiencias.

Fair and Efficient

Myanna Dellinger will be a fair and efficient judge. Her years of running large law school classes has heightened her ability to take charge. She knows how to keep things moving, speeding things up when they need to be sped up, slowing things down when that is called for. Vote Myanna Dellinger seat 72!

Myanna Dellinger for LA County Judge

#1 in her class
Respected professor
Trusted by judges
Fulbright Scholar
Worldwide Audience
Vote Myanna!!

Why you should vote for myanna!

Why vote for Myanna?
- Myanna has never been a prosecutor
- Myanna does not have police connections
- She will treat all cases fairly, by the law