The justice system must become
more and more part of the solution and
less and less part of the problem.

A special note

Welcome! No, I don't speak Farsi, but English was not my first language. I was born in Denmark in northern Europe, and learned both English and German when I was a teenager. I emmigrated to the USA when I was an adult, with my american husband.

Why you should vote for Myanna Dellinger

  • Very well qualified: Myanna has unique behind-the-scenes judicial experience: She worked on hundreds of civil, criminal, and administrative cases with and for judges for years, helping them achieve faster-than usual case processing times. She will step right into the role of being an efficient judge with broad experience.
  • Recent events have shown that in excessive force cases, prosecutors ("deputy district attorneys") may give too much deference to the police. Sometimes, they are not neutral when it comes to considering prosecuting officers for misconduct. The judiciary is a separate and neutral government branch under the U.S. Constitution. Let's add much needed diversity to the courts!
  • Myanna is not beholden to any special interests - we need new, fresh insight on the bench!
  • Myanna will be tough on convicted criminals when the situation calls for it.
  • This is a nonpartisan race! Myanna is, however, allowed to say that she is a registered Democratwith support from and endorsements by the largest Democratic and independent organizations in LA County.
  • An award-winning law professor (at a real university), Fulbright Scholar (climate change), and attorney, Myanna is running for judge because she believes that more diversity and critical thinking will add much needed value to the judicial system in LA County.
  • Diversity on the bench is key. Myanna would be a neutral judge of the facts and law in these and other cases.
  • Myanna enjoys meaningful support from a broad segment of society (see her endorsements).
  • Judges must be adept at interpreting legal materials: Myanna is an excellent legal researcher and writer: she has published more than 350,000 words in highly ranked journals and is a top 10% author on the global scientific network SSRN for the fourth year in a row.
  • Myanna has great people skills and is used to working professionally face to face with hundreds of people every week as a law professor in an ABA-accredited law school.
  • Myanna pays it forward: As a law professor, she has taught 1,400 attorneys how to practice law efficiently and ethically. She works pro bono on criminal, immigration and LGBT cases.
  • Myanna does not believe in negative campaigning or exclusionary speech and behavior! As a judge, she will continue to behave appropriately and respectfully towards all at all times as she has in this campaign. Ethics and courage matter.