Movers and Shakers


Susan Sarandon

Award-winning actress and activist

Congresswoman Maxine Waters

California's 43rd Congressional District

Fiona Ma

California’s 34th State Treasurer

Assembly Member Laura Friedman,

California State Assembly 43rd Assembly District


Jackie Goldberg

Member, LAUSD Board of Education, District #5

Political & Other Organizations

I have not paid for any endorsements.
For the LA Times' recent gender and race bias scandal, see here!!

AFSCME District Council 36

Los Angeles-based AFSCME District Council 36 advocates, and if necessary, agitates, for workers’ rights and freedoms.

Sunrise Movement Los Angeles

Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

National Women's Political Caucus

The NWPC recruits, trains & elects progressive, pro-choice women to elected and appointed office.

East Area Progressive Democrats

The largest Democratic club
in the Los Angeles area.

The Black Women's Democratic Club

The Black Women’s Democratic Club is the first and only statewide Black women’s Democratic Club in the State of California. Their mission is to build the leadership and power of progressive Black women Democrats throughout California.

Stonewall Young Democrats

Founded in 2004, Stonewall Young Democrats strive to give voice to LGBTQ youth and take action in a grassroots manner on matters of both local and national significance.

Our Revolution, Los Angeles

Our Revolution is a national grassroots movement to prioritize the needs of people and our planet.


Occidental College Democrats

Oxy student organization

National Women's Political Caucus of San Gabriel Valley

The NWPC San Gabriel Valley recruits, trains & elects progressive, pro-choice women to elected and appointed office.

Our Revolution, Santa Clarita Valley

Our Revolution is a national grassroots movement to prioritize the needs of people and our planet.

SCV For Change

Santa Clarita Valley for Change

Painters and Allied Trades DC#36

International Union AFL-CIO
District Council 36
Painters, Drywall Finishers, Glaziers, Floorlayers, Tradeshow & Signcraft

Democratic Club of Claremont

Long Beach Democratic Club

Foothill Community Democrats

Sustainable Products

Ban single-use plastics

Science Policy Group at UCLA

2020 Election Ballot Guide

Change West Covina

California Voter Guide - Elected Positions
CWC Endorsements & Recommendations


Friends and Meals - DTLA
Providing organic meals and sustainable supplies to the unhoused community in downtown Los Angeles

Sierra Club, East River

The Sierra Club is a progressive environmental organization dedicated to the protection protect all life.




"... the clear choice for Superior Court Judge."

@californiaforbernie (Instagram)

@caforbernie2020 (twitter)


Fight 2 Save Black LA

A coalition of black organizations that have come together to advocate for black Angelenos: Africa Town Coalition, ADOS LA, ADOS SoCal, Baldwin Leimert Crenshaw Tenants Union, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, Community Action Mobilization Team, Crenshaw Subway Coalition, Families of Park Mesa Heights, Hyde Park Organizational Partnership for Empowerment, Life Development Group, and Pan African CDC


LA Progressive

Judging the Judges – November 2020


Los Angeles Sentinel

2020 Endorsement Slate

The KNOCK.LA Los Angeles Progressive Voter Guide for the November 2020 General Election

"Her election would represent a fresh approach for the bench; Dellinger is the straightforward choice."

Daily KOS

LA Progressive Majority Voter Guide

LA Podcast

2020 Voter Guide

Courage California - Progressive Voters Guide

Myanna Dellinger is the strongest choice for equitable and representative leadership in office.


Myanna Dellinger - YES



Random Lengths News

What's on the Ballot? – November 2020

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 2.53.00 PM

LP Pays Attention

Dellinger is a non-traditional candidate in a couple ways. For one, she comes from an academic background, but has written opinions for a Ninth Circuit court of appeals judge, as well as done research and writing for another federal judge in California.

But more pertinently, she has an outwardly social-justice oriented outlook that sets her apart from other judicial candidates, writing on her website about her belief in gun violence prevention strategies and other appropriate government regulation, desire to, when possible, challenge sentencing practices, and help minorities and people experiencing homelessness.

theLAnd - 2020 Voter Guide


Host and attorney Tiffiny Blacknell:

Myanna Dellinger is not afraid to say that we need racial justice.  She is brave enough to admit that there are racial issues to be dealt with.  She is willing to think outside the box, which is important.  Her knee-jerk reaction would not be to incarcerate.  She is thoughtful enough to think about the long-term consequences of incarceration of black and brown people. 

She has not been tainted by being a prosecutor. There are already too many prosecutors (“deputy district attorneys”) on the bench.  Myanna would add something to the conversation.  There is a need for diversity on the bench.

I’m definitely agreeing with the choice for Myanna Dellinger.

Leeane Moore - Kitchen Talk

Leeane Moore, host of Kitchen Talk, endorses Myanna Dellinger for judge

The Future Left

DSA-LA / The Future Left voter guide

Jasmyne Cannick's 2020 Voter Guide For the People

I do not support prosecutors running for judge. That’s just asking for more of the same and helps cultivate a criminal justice system that sees prosecutors working hand in hand with their former colleagues who are now the judge.

-- JC


Los Angeles Candidates
Two-Evils Endorsements 2020

Judges & Attorneys *

Judges tend to endorse only attorneys appearing before them or with whom they are otherwise familiar.
Endorsements are not a side-by-side comparison of candidates for office.


Honorable Debra Archuleta

LA Superior Court Judge


Honorable Ray Jurado

LA Superior Court Judge


Julie Brook

Instructor, San Francisco State University, College of Extended Learning, Paralegal Studies


Erin Scott

Appellate Law Clerk, Colorado Court of Appeals


Larisa Dinsmoor

Trial Attorney
Orange County Public Defender's Office


Irving Estrada

Deputy City Attorney
City of Los Angeles

Craig Moyer

Attorney & Partner
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
Los Angeles

Don Daucher

Orange County Justice Fund
Former partner, Paul Hastings (ret.)

Ian Mackins

Attorney specializing in healthcare, long-term-care, and medical malpractice disputes at Lewis & Brisbois

Sabrina Narain

Trial Attorney
Sanders Roberts, LLP

Kevin Ross

Eight Year Prosecutor
Los Angeles Judge

Alafia Wright

 Ernst and Young

David Frakt


Yumi Choe

Business and Trust & Estates Transactional Attorney
Vogt | Resnick | Sherak, LLP
Newport Beach, CA

Stephen Hendricks

In-house General Counsel, ISM
Adjunct Law Professor

Gustavo Gavilanes

Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Gustavo Gavilanes, Esq.

Nicholas Koontz

Hawkins, Delafield & Wood, LLP

Rod Armande

Associate Attorney
Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys

Scott Feig

 FEIG Law Firm

Anna Siddiqui (Burns)

Attorney, Consultant
Washington, District of Columbia

Bill Coby, Jr.

Education Management Professional

Samantha L. Ortiz

Employment Litigation Attorney
Los Angeles

Abigail Schindler

Attorney, Fideler Law Office

Steven Giammichele

Law Offices of Steven Giammichele

Perry Poff

Michael Zatlin

Tate Law Group, APC

Anna Limoges

Goosmann Law Firm

Natasha Zadeh

Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions

Mallory Schulte

Birmingham & Cwach Law Office

Pradeep Jayaraman

IpHorgan Ltd.

Manuel M. Magpapian

Pillemer & Pillemer

Jeff Blied

Schmiesing Blied Stoddart & Mackey

Joe Silva

Silva Injury Law, Inc.

Hala Mousa, Esq.

Associate Attorney
Mcneil Tropp & Braun llp

Megan Barnet

Koeller Nebeker Carlson & Haluck

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 12.37.00 PM

Former Prosecutor:

While Myanna may not have the trial experience of her opponent, she relies on who she is as a person and what she believes in when she asks for your support. That's a lot more than a candidate who you don't know anything about except that they prosecuted criminals. Anyone can do that...but who is the person...what do they believe is important? Simply saying vote for me because I prosecuted criminals doesn't compare with voting for someone because you agree what they stand for. One can learn HOW to be a judge after being elected...but you can't quickly learn how to have admirable values and beliefs and skills for "judging" other fellow human beings. This is why I support Myanna...and I'm a former prosecutor btw!

* Organizational affiliations are listed only for identification purposes.
The endorsements are given by the individuals only.

Academia *


Dr. Peter Dreier

E.P. Clapp Distinguished
Professor of Politics and
Director of the Urban
and Environmental Policy
Department at Occidental
College in Los Angeles,


Professor Caroline Forell

Professor Emerita,
University of Oregon
School of Law


John Bonine

Professor of Law
Bernard B. Kliks Professor
University of Oregon, School of Law


Professor Carol Chomsky

Professor of Law, The University
of Minnesota School of Law

Lori Roberts

Law Professor
Western State University College of Law

Dr. Michael Card

PhD adviser, Associate
Professor, the University
of South Dakota

Kevin Khoa Nguyen

Adjunct professor, Abraham Lincoln University

Scott Pohlson

VP of Enrollment, Marketing and University Relations at the University of South Dakota

Dr. E. Lee Felder, Jr.

Ed.D, Major (Ret.), USAF, CM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, ACG, VP for Human Resources, Olympic College.

Nancy Pearlman

Trustee Emeritus, Los Angeles Community College District and Anthropology Professor

* Organizational affiliations are listed only for identification purposes. The endorsements are given by the individuals only.

Leaders of Community Organizations *


Carl Matthes

Uptown Gay and Lesbian Alliance Los Angeles

Our Revolution

Shawnee Badger, Leader

Our Revolution, Santa Clarita Valley

David Dellinger, President

Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society
Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

* Organizational affiliations are listed only for identification purposes. The endorsements are given by the individuals only.